JASFA  設立総会開催 2011.7.7 

「Japan Sustainable Free Powered Energy System Exploit & Promotion Association【JASFA】was established.

Held the Organization meeting in July 7 (Thursday)welcomed Yasutaka Iguchi to chairman, “Yuport Gotanda”, Thank you for attend a lot of people.


In the lecture, In the future, we introduced as you can take advantage to the various social experiments and the like such as photovoltaic panels and hybrid pole from Mabuchi Engineering.


Panel discussion, Titled「Sustainable society and the new energy era」 Chairman: Yasutaka Iguchi, Panelist: Vice-chairman Yasuo Utsumi , Akio Yamada, Hitoshi Takayama, It has been issued lively opinion. Anticipation of the vision for the future, I felt again「Importance of that now is the time going to activities」