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Company name Business Representative
Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd Construction industry (Tube and water facilities, civil engineering, electrical, fire and pavement) CEO Toshimitsu Ono
Address Phone FAX
4-10-2, Koriyama, Taihaku-Ku, Sendai-Shi, Miyagi-Ken, 982-0003 Japan +81(0)22-247-0181 +81(0)22-247-7253
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By walk from JR Nagamachi Station about 15 minutes
By car from Sendai-nanbu highway at Nagamachi-exit about 3 minutes
Capital Establishment
One hundred million yen May 14, 1966
Office Construction permit
Head Office, Fukuchima-office, Mabuchi Engineering Koria Co.,Ltd Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Licensing Special-30 020614
Specific: Civil Contractors, Pipe Contractors, Water supply facility Contractors,
General: Electrical Contractors, Firefighting equipment Contractors
Related companies
HI-SO Co., Ltd.・Senba-engineering Co., Ltd.・Ltd. Machinochikara Limited Liability Company
(JASFA) Japan sustainable free powered energy system exploit & promotion association.(JASFA)
Higashimatsushima Miraitoshi organization.(HOPE)(HOPE)
Membership of professional institutions
Miyagi Tube industry cooperative.Sendai Gas construction cooperative.ect
Features of the company
Since its establishment in 1966, expand the living environment, water and energy-related construction industry, is a facilities solutions company community-based.
Future listed in the business philosophy of contributing to “sustainable society”, which is the most important issue for all humankind in the 21st century, to ensure the quality, the provision of community infrastructure development and maintenance management system, promote new energy utilization it is a mission and appoint technology companies continue to put out a proposal.
Recent of activity results
Create an environment division in 2010, the items and know-how necessary to maintain integrity of the building to organize; it has developed a construction-related business support in the soft surface.
In the environment division, aims to widespread use of photovoltaic and wind power generation system in cooperation with the Korean company, it has been a pillar of reconstruction projects after the earthquake.
Immediately after the earthquake disaster, corresponding to the emergency restoration work of the water supply and drainage facilities, temporary housing and facilities, schools, and expand the restoration of such a store in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima.
Renewable energy (wind + solar) “hybrid Pole” by utilizing is placed at the center of the Higashimatsushima as autonomous power supply to the temporary facility and residents facilities.
New energy utilization Promotion Council served as a representative as a founding director of (JASFA), in energetically business development aimed at sustainable, safe and secure society.
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) FY2013 geothermal power generation technology research and development business adoption (up joint research and March 2016 and the Advance of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Carry out the Ministry of the Environment under the direct control of business JASFA contract (2013 and environmental education cooperation, in 2014, low-carbon regional development FS investigation business)
Support environmental future city concept promotion of Higashimatsushima as JASFA, the city with the agreement signed on the theme of the development of future leaders.

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