Service and products

◆We will supply our service which is long experience for construction of plumbing system, ventilation project.
[Recently our construction achievements]
Sendai-city Happonmatsu civic center instruction.
Sendai-city Zaou nature house hybrid street lights construction.
Sendai-city Dainohara senior welfare center hot water supply, heating boiler construction.
Sendai-city Uehare reconstruction apartment .
Sendai-city Akiu Civic center construction.
Sendai-city Yagiyama-Jr high school toilet improvement construction.
Sendai-city Tomizawa elementary school and Onoda second children house air conditioning construction.
Sendai Stadium field heating construction.
100 mm caliber under grand water service at Fukudamachi 2 cyome.
100 mm caliber under grand water service at Nagamachi 2 cyome.
Tohoku University cyclotron RI building heating machine construction.
At Disaster area ( Miyako to Souma ) Temporary house , Stores ,institution ,Factory’s plumbing Construction.

◆We look for the future of Build Sustainable Society.
・Making use of the solar, the wind as nature Mabuchi-hybrid-pole
Installed the city hall, local community center, elemental school. For crime preventions light or during power break down of evacuating guidance light, provide as emergency light that giving ease and safe, as shelter in former Yuriage elemental school when disaster occurred .Also it works a part of power line in winter time illumination at Minato area.

・Binary Power ECOR-3 (NEDO under demonstration)
Under the Low Temperature (Less than 200C), by the difference of hot water and cold water 70C to realized 3kw/h of generate electricity.
Independent Administrative Corporation of New Energy ,General Bureau of Industry Technical Development (NEDO)、Geothermal Power Generation is collaborative researching subject : Development of Limited Generate system that hybrid Hot Spring steam, water, Effective use Currently Advance Riko (Yokohama-City Kanagawa-Pref) and Mabuchi Engineering (Sendai-City, Miyagi-Pref) are collaborative researching while going to development factors now.
From 2014, At Miyagi Narugo Onsen and Nagasaki Obama Onsen, we conduct an experiment for private introduction. Just Starting Counter measure research subject
for factory waste heart at Kawasaki-city Kanagawa-Prefecture.

・Anti-Pigeon Bird measures System
Anjin Co., Ltd Developed B-ST(Vegetable oil Inhibitor)
Constructed Current, It’s getting decrease the Pigeon taking out in a few weeks.
A month later, they won’t be cursed.
In compare the other system with B-ST, It’s basically different power and to shorten period of construction.
using vegetable oil, eco-friendly for people

・Multifunctional Gate Hinge “Super Hinge”
Multifunctional Gate Hinge“Super Hinge”is newborn technology product that is integrated door closer and hinge.
It makes you comfortable performance and new design will be fit your room.
Also its support barrier-free-residence, hospital, and caring center.