NEDO-5th External Specialist Invite Evaluation Committee (Pass word required)

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)Joint research item

[Development of small binary power generation system for geothermal resources effective utilization of geothermal power generation technology research and development low-temperature range/
And effective use of the hot springs of steam and hot water, the development of hybrid small-scale power generation system which has been subjected to corrosion, scale measures]

Site situation visit such as “experiment operational status”
Time and date: 2016 January 26 (Tuesday) 13:30 to 14:30
Location: Obama Onsen Ryokan YUNOKA parking

“Experimental operational status” in Obama Onsen Ryokan YUNOKA
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5th External experts invited Evaluation Committee
Time and date: 2016 January 26 (Tuesday) 14:45 to 17:30
Location: Obama Onsen Ryokan YUNOKA MeetingRoom

Evaluation Committee Report on Onsen Ryokan YUNOKA MeetingRoom
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Progression and Evaluation Committee Management Chief : Mabuchi Engineering Toshimitsu Ono

Introduction Committee and attendees.
・Evaluation Committee
Chairman:Miyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman Tohoku University Professor Emeritus, Doctor of engineering.
Yasutaka Iguchi
Hirosaki University Northern Japan New Energy Research Institute, Professor
Hirohumi Muraoka.
GMP Sobo ,Director, Technical adviser.
Keiichiro Mayeda
Sagamahara Incubation Center, Chief Manager, Environment certified measurer
Rieko Sudo
・New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO) New energy section, Heat utilization, Unit leader, Shuji Nabatame
Chief examiner, Keisuke Wada.

・Joined Development.
①Advance-Riko,Inc (Two researcher)
②Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd (Four researcher)

Industrial Technology Institute.Miyagi Prefecture Government(ITIM) materials development/ Analysis Technology Department researcher
Keisuke Ura.

Nagasaki Prefectural Industrial Labor Green New Deal Promotion Office Deputy Director: Toshiyuki Yamada

Nagasaki Prefecture Environment Department nature Environment Division engineer: Sho Yatsugi

Nagasaki Prefecture Minami Public Health Center Health and Environment Division Manager: Kenji Irie /Chief: Kenichi Kunimitsu

Unzen civic life director: Akifumi Hirose / Kazuhiko Yamanoto

Institute Obama Onsen energy representative director: Nobuaki Honda/ Officer Yu Sasaki

Obama Onsen Tourism Association Vice President,Provide experimental /Koichi Yamashita  

3.Report and Disccussion                                                           
①2015 Approval of the 4th Evaluation Committee meeting
②2015 second half of the year progress report
Progress committee Advance-Riko Representative Director/ Narishi Gonohe
③Exchange of views after the implementation in the plan “Experimental operational status ”
④Exchange of views by the evaluation committee in research in general
Observers outside experts Dear , as well as your remarks than empirical observation participation
⑤Greeting from join developer NEDO.

4.Summary by the evaluation committee chairman

Documents distributed
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