Feature of Mabuchi Hybrid Pole

  • Power generation system that produces power from that point (Point Of Use) that requires power, ready-to-use
  • Composite type power generation equipment to the power generation of the wind and the light hybrid, with more than one energy source
  • Power production system of “local production for local consumption type” that take advantage of the clean natural energy
  • Independent commercial power do not need self electric multifunction street light

The picture shown city of Natori installed in the City Hall (May 18, 2011) that Mabuchi hybrid pole, but in some cases appear to be connected to the periphery of the wiring by the angle of the shot, the wiring of the peripheral absolutely independently without it has been established.


“Mabuchi hybrid Pole advantages”

  • Infinite energy from nature ( wind , Photovoltaic )
  • Full power generation systems to demonstrate the strength in case of emergency
  • High efficiency wind power generator to start with low wind speed (1.2m / s)
  • High efficiency and high brightness LED lighting (40 ~ 80w)
  • Easy to maintenance (three years of battery replacement)
  • Wide range of applications (escape routes, street, parks, schools, hospitals, parking lots, etc.)

Commissioning status(10m/S)YouTube

— Shooting at the roof of Mabuchi-Engineering Co., Ltd. — 

Mabuchi hybrid Pole Spec

・Mabuchi-Hybrid-Pole catalog(pdf)

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