We will to be a technical group to contribute for the community.

  • Since establishment bussiness in 1966, the required water supply and drainage in the building, or heating and cooling, including the building equipment construction, such as ventilation, deeply involved and contribute to society through work in the development of life-line, such as water pipe construction work of the road buried and it has continued.
  • To the lifeline of living in close contact to ensure the passage of air and water, also sought energy-saving functions in addition to the “comfort”. Living with hot water that can be used at any time, from the fact that to produce a life that flows comfortable air conditioning and fresh air, take advantage of the promotion of energy conservation and new energy, to improve investigation of the living environment and industry environment, Mabuchi industrial plants in the environment maintenance facility new It is a company that continues to propose the technology.
  • To control the “heat, water and air”, as a comprehensive facility construction company to create a “presence must-have”, we hope to help in the comfortable environment creation of tomorrow.

Toshimitsu Ono

      Apr 1, 2018 Representative director CEO Toshimitsu Ono