Anti-Pigeon Bird measures System(B-ST)


Anjin Co., Ltd Developed B-ST(Vegetable oil Inhibitor) Constructed Current, It’s getting decrease the Pigeon taking out in a few weeks.
A month later, they won’t be cursed.

In compare the other system with B-ST, It’s basically different power and to shorten period of construction.
using vegetable oil, eco-friendly for people

1: Reason to recommend
There was a multiplicity of ideas. using the nets, the protectors, the chemicals,
Magnetic force. But It was not completely .The pigeons returns soon,The Effect to fade too early or the pigeons dead. Please try to the vegetable oil based an antiseptic.

2: Reason to recommend
Three years guarantee.
The place we constructed will be guaranteed by ANJIN Group

3: Reason to recommend
The construction achievement: over 5,700 term (Dec 2013 by ANJIN)

The vegetable oil based Repellent system developed by ANJIN (B-ST)
Best performed (Vegetable Inhibitor, construct Anti- Pigeon system)
in Japan.

*B-ST (Anti Pigeon) constructed Places
JR Nigatake Station, JR Ishinomaki Station, JR Kogota Station, JR Iwanuma
St, JR Sagae St, JR Honshiogama Station via duct, Koriyama Station via duct,
Yaotome Station Subway, Tohoku Institute of Technology University, Tohka
Jr. High School, Ohgawara Town Hall, City of Sendai Apartment House,
Multiple tower building in Sendai, Nagamachi Shopping Mall Parking Lot,.
Ishinomaki Fruit Market, Ark Building, Hayakawa Building

We have more construct achievement.
If you have any question, please contact us.