To those familiar renewable energy.

In the construction industry newspaper Jan 20, 2014(Mon), was posted in the Mabuchi Engineering Representative Director Toshimitsu Ono’s interview article.

Future outlook, I think that era to make use of the cooperation between small and medium-sized companies with individual technical capabilities and business opportunities. The year of the earthquake of July, I established general incorporated association 「Japan Sustainable Free Powered Energy System Exploit & Promotion Association 」. Reform of living and business the new energy utilization, For introduction into the regional development and urban development, Each other potluck research intellectual property of industry, academia and government, Or trying to the promotion of the utilization and excavation techniques. The small and medium-sized company has a such a technology and proposal capabilities, I believe that it is the position that can be responsive to inquiries from customers.



Mabuchi Hybrid Pole (wind + photovoltaic power generation, power storage, LED night lighting system)