Proposal of Mabuchi hybrid pole

Please look the latest booklet of “Mabuchi hybrid Pole”.


1.For surveillance camera
This product, such as a completely independent because it is the system the mountains and coastline, no location of electrical wiring, also can be operated even in the event of a power failure.
Pole body can also installation of surveillance cameras, the power supply is also possible to take advantage of the power generated.
2.For security lights
This product, can be completely independent power supply to the nighttime illumination by LED lighting in the event of a power failure because it is a system. Can be expected to illuminate the evacuation route as evacuation light in the event of a disaster, as an emergency power source is an optional feature, so you can also use household outlet of AC100V for mobile phone charger, etc. are available.
3.For consumer version
Because this product is a pole type, without taking the installation space, it can be two types of natural energy power generation of photovoltaic and wind power. Storage and power, in addition to available in the outlet in the home, in the amount of power generation display, you can also enjoy the power generation status of wind power generation.
Of course, the above is because all you have to take advantage of the natural energy, you can expect a huge effect on the running cost reduction.

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