NEDO-1st External Specialist Invite Evaluation Committee (Pass word required)

【Independent administrative agency New energy, Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Joint research items】

「Geothermal power generation technology research and development low-temperature range of Geothermal resources effective utilization for Development of small binary power generation system / And effective use of the hot springs of steam and hot water, Corrosion, It was subjected to scale measures development of hybrid small-scale power generation system」

◆Site Inspection
Date: Jan 30, 2014 (Thursday) 13:00~15:00
Place: Naruko Onsen Nakayamadaira, Naruko Radon Onsen&Farmer’s house.

Portable power generation system. Demonstration experiment state.

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### Photographing and recording(Site inspection & the 1st Outside invited expert evaluation committee)###

・Shooting data 「All 96 Photos 」(Zip)23MB

###Video Recording(mp4)###
1.Experimental equipment operational status. (00:03:01)49MB
2.Experiment field situation(00:00:13)4MB(00:00:13)4MB
3.Experiment field situation(00:00:26)9MB
4.Farmers of the house situation(00:00:34)19MB

◆1st Outside Invited Expert Evaluation Committee.
Date: Jan 30, 2014 (Thursday) 15:00~18:00
Place: at Naruko Onsen Kounnkaku Conference room.

Specialist Review Committee Holding a meeting

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Progression and Evaluation Committee Management Chief: Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd. Toshimitsu Ono.

2.Introduction Committee and attendees.
・Evaluation Committee
Chairman: Miyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman, Tohoku University Professor Emeritus: Yasutaka Iguchi
Vice Chairman:National institute of Technology,Sendai Collage. Vice-Principal. Regional Human Resources Development General Manager. Professor : Yasuo Utsumi.
Hirosaki University Northern Japan New Energy Research Institute, Professor: Hirohumi Muraoka.
GMP Sobo Co.,Ltd. Director Senior Engineer: Keiichiro Mayeda.
Sagamihara Incubation Center Hyomenken, Director Environment certified measurer :Rieko Sudo.
・National Research and Development Corporation, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization ( NEDO )
New Energy Unit Heat Utilization Group Senior Researcher: Shushi Manatame.
New Energy Unit Heat Utilization Group Chief Examiner: Masaki Takahashi.

1)Ulvac Riko
2)Mabuchi Engineering.,Ltd

3.Salutation of Evaluation Committee Chairperson

1)Research and development overview: Joint Researcher Representative, Ulvac Riko Inc Representative Director: Sigehumi Gonohe.
2)Progress Report h
3)Implementation plan of research theme Exchange of opinions after the inspection and progress
4)Exchange of opinions about research theme 4 feasibility, Ensure the marketability and improvement.

5.Evaluation Committees summary.
Announcement from each committee.

6.Review : Greeting from NEDO


### Video recording (mp4) ###
1.Specialist evaluation committee record (first half) (01:16:32)580MB
2.Specialist evaluation committee record (second half)(01:24:09)704MB