NEDO-2nd External Specialist Invite Evaluation Committee (Pass word required)

【National Research and Development Corporation, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization ( NEDO ) Joint research item】

“Geothermal power generation technology research and development low-temperature range of Geothermal resources effective utilization for Development of small binary power generation system / And effective use of the hot springs of steam and hot water, Corrosion, It was subjected to scale measures development of hybrid small-scale power generation system”

◆SIC-1 Lab Inspection
Date: July 30, 2014 (Wednesday)  14:00~15:00
Place: Sagamihara Incubation Center Co.,Ltd.(SIC)

Portable power generation system Experimental situation in SIC-1 Lab.

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### Photographing and recording (SIC-1 Inspect Lab&2th External Invited Specialist Evaluation Committee)###

・Shooting Data「All Photos」(Zip)20MB

◆2nd External Specialist Invite Committee

Date: July 30, 2014 (Wednesday) 15:00~17:30
Place: Sagamihara Incubation Center Co.,Ltd. (SIC-2)at Main conference room

Specialist Review

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Progression and Evaluation Committee Management Chief: Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd. Toshimitsu Ono.

2.Introduction Committee and attendees

Chairman: Miyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman, Tohoku University Professor Emeritus: Yasutaka Iguchi.
Vice Chairman: National Institute of Technology of Sendai college. Vice-Principal. Regional Human Resources Development General Manager. Professor : Yasuo Utsumi
Hirosaki University Northern Japan New Energy Research Institute, Professor: Hirohumi Muraoka.
GMP Sobo Co., Ltd. Director Technical Engineer: Keiichiro Mayeda.
Sagamihara Incubation Center, Director Environment certified measurer :Rieko Sudo.
New Energy Unit Heat Utilization Group Senior Researcher: Shushi Manatame.
New Energy Unit Heat Utilization Group Chief Examiner: Masaki Takahashi.
New Energy Unit Heat Utilization Group Chief Examiner: Akio Yoshida.

・Sagamihara Incubation Center Hyomenken Senior Managing Director: Mitsuru Yamamoto.
・Joint Researcher
1)Ulvac Riko
2)Mabuchi Engineering

3.Report and Discussions
1)Approval of the 1st Evaluation Committee Meeting Minutes.
2)2013 of Research and 2014 Progress Report
Joint Researcher Representative Ulvac Riko, Inc. Representative Director: Sigehumi Gonohe.
3)Implementation plan of research theme2-1, Exchange of opinions after the inspection the Scroll-type steam power generation system.
4)Exchange of Opinions in Evaluation Committee for Research Generals

4.General overview of Evaluation Committee Chairperson.


### Video recording(mp4)###
Specialist evaluation committee record(02:15:29)958MB