Industry-university co-operation government funds of environment and energy fields in Hokkaido

~ Towards the activation of environmental and energy business of the main hall by the All Hokkaido ~

Date: Mar 14, 2013 (Thu) 13:30~15:30

Place: Hotel Sapporo Garden Palace 2F Tanchou.

Audience: about 140.

Contents: 1. The importance of the environment and energy business through inter-company cooperation.

~ From Sendai ! Development of street light by the hybrid (photovolisc + wind) power generation equipment ~

Mabuchi Engineering Co .,Ltd. Representative Director Toshimitsu Ono.

2. Possibility as move storage battery of Electric Vehicle.

~ Utilized in applications other than power source for electric vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation EV Business Division Assistant Masaaki Matsumoto.

3. Efforts of the NTT Group in the environment and energy.

~ Regional power-saving project with Hokkaido Cities ~

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Hokkaido Branch Division Manager Takayuki Hama.

4. Towards the environment and energy business activation of the main road by the All Hokkaido.

~ The establishment of the Hokkaido Green Community Promotion Network ~

Incorporated association Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation, Policy Planning Department Division Manager, Shuichi Nagano.